Tan Hill Lineup

Again, subject to contract, we are pleased to announce the following performers will take part in the Pennine Sky Folk & Roots Weekend at Tan Hill during the weekend of June 3rd – 4th:

Something Nasty in the Woodshed – This is a great festival band, playing bagpipe driven, high octane folk rock with great energy and humour. They will close the Saturday night concert for us. www.somethingnastyinthewoodshed.co.uk


Flossie Malavialle – Wonderful French solo performer, now from the North East of England. In the words of Vin Garbutt,  “Flossie is great! She came over from France and wowed everybody with her sensational voice, her gutsy guitar style, eclectic repertoire and franglais patter”.   www.flossie-malavialle.co.uk


Winter Wilson – Excellent vocal duo from Lincolnshire. John Tams (War Horse, Sharp) said “Your writing is magnificent, your settings and playing equal to that and both of you sing with a rare assured passion that I oft think has gone. It’s a rare gift you have – cherish it mightily”   www.winterwilson.com

winter wilson

Roisin Ban – This 5 piece Celtic folk band, is based in Yorkshire and plays songs and tunes from Ireland, England, Scotland and Brittany. They also include Sean Nos dancing in their set to provide variety and entertainment.   www.roisinban.co.uk


The Ginjammers – They are an acoustic two-piece bringing deep a rootsy Americana sound, ranging from bluegrass to folk, country, gospel and blues.  www.theginjammers.co.uk


The 309s – Closing our concert on Friday night, will be the 309s who take their pick of songs mostly from the Southern States of America, between the years 1925 and 1955, playing a range of music from Western Swing (“jazz with a cowboy hat”) perfected in Texas by Bob Wills, right through to Rock ‘n Roll’s early days in Memphis, Tennessee.   www.the309s.com


There are more artists to follow so keep checking the website.

Full weekend tickets are only £40 and limited in total so telephone Tan Hill Inn ( 01833 628246) to order tickets as soon as possible.